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Street Racing Event


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Street Racing Event
Where: Start in R23 and End at V26 
When: Friday, Jan 26th, 7pm Eastern Time

This is an event where any player can come out an race!
-Old cars will be spawned in for players to drive. They do not explode and they race faster
-Everyone gets their own car (5-6 players at a time)
-1st, 2nd, 3rd, Place Prizes
-Whoever gets to the finish line first wins!
-Scoot will be live streaming an co-hosting the event https://www.twitch.tv/scootdoglive
-There will be a cocoa shack at the finish line for players to grab warm clothes, food, and water. It will also be a place for players to hang out
-Will be during daylight in game
-There are bleachers for players to watch each other
-Can race multiple times or race just one person if you want
-It is a long track half on/off road

*will be an explosion of army snowmen at the end*


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