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Casino Night/Hide-and-Go Seek


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Casino Night/Hide-and-Go Seek

Where: Sunrise Valley Town in i16/i17 Pure PVE Server
When: Saturday Jan 27th starting at 5pm and ending at 7pm Eastern Time

Hide-and-Go Seek

This will be our first event starting at 5pm Eastern time. 
-Everyone will get a flashlight
-1-2 players will use the flashlight to find other players hiding
-Hiding players cannot leave the wall/town or hide in any buildings
-Hiding players should stay in their spot until found
-Once found head to the casino
-Multiple rounds of hide-and-go seek
-the only light provided will be the flashlights

Casino Night

This will be our second event of the night and will go until 7pm Eastern time.
-Bring your scrap and be ready to bet!
-Dealer ScootDog will be our entertainer of the night!
-Roulette and Gambling Wheels will be the games of the night
-There is also a prize wheel
*There is a strip club behind the casino in case you get bored ;)

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