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Pre-Pre-Wipe Build-a-Palooza!!! <333


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Intro & General Information
Welcome ladies, gents, both, and neither! Today I am here to announce that I am hosting an event like none we’ve had before. I want to keep a lot of the details a secret for the actual event, but here’s some basic information. The event will be held on Survival PVE but I wholeheartedly would like everyone from Pure to also participate!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME. I just figured Survival has some quality of life mods for building that would be v useful. It’s a building event, so put your cute little builder’s hats on and come chill my dude.

All materials and tools will be provided.

You’re welcome.

Those who don’t want to participate in the building may watch from towers within the build areas or from a stream that our very own ScootFuck will be broadcasting (and recording).

Date & Time
Saturday, January 27th at 7:30pm EST

Survival PVE grid W22, W23, V22, V23. We'll TP people there during event upon request.

Requirements to Join Event
Must be synced on discord and willing to voice chat

Must love chaos and building

Must kiss your mother at night before you go to sleep

We need at least six participants to make this happen, so invite ya friends. Thx b.

This event is for everyone, so please come and watch even if you don't want to build shit.

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