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Banned: ski mask the slump god

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Time: 2100

Length of Ban: Permanent

Reason: Player Harassment

Server: Pure PvE

More info: Teleport to @Captain blu / rustmoney.com. There was a person in his home who was not welcome. I asked the player politely to leave Blu's base and he declined. He then started spamming chat with the word "obese". I muted the player and told him to leave again. I TPd the player out of blu's base and they immediately tried to reenter the base through the door, then tried to break the floors. He then tried to jump on unicrons head to boost into the wall. I reminder the player of the rules once again that raiding, and player harassment and chat spam were not allowed. I unmuted the player so that they could redeem themselves by apologizing to Blu. They said "hey man i'm sorry. i'm sorry you are a fucking ret**d" they have been banned.

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