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Banned: Circuit8 and Beatz

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Time: 5:30 CNT

Length of Ban: Permanemt

Reason: Harassment

Server: Pure PvE

More Info: Circuit and Beatz both were in world chat (both friends) making rude and inappropriate comments towards others. Comments included, but not limited to calling this server terrible in a slanderous way, calling other people names, and creating a hostile environment. Once told to stop, they continued to call me a bitch and tell me they would not stop. Circuit was then muted for 9,000 days. Beatz then stole from YellowSanchez. His name was on his body, but said he didn't take anything even though he did. When confronted, he continued to say that he didn't do anything and changed the subject. Circuit and Beatz then went up to another player (name in japanese) and asked them if they were "fucking gay." They would not leave this player alone. I warned them this is not appropriate behavior on this server and yet they continued to be disrespectful to me and turn the conversation away from the subject. After all of their warnings, I felt it was time for them to be banned.


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