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BANNED: Sir Camp the 8th, Dooky1175 & No Pants Chris


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Time: 10:00AM CST

Length of Ban: Permanemt

Reason: Raiding/Looting/Greifing

Server: Survival PvE

More Info: I asked Sophos and Norville if they let any of the 3 into their base/chests and they said no. None of these 3 were online at the time inspection. Noticed Dooky built the scaffold outside, but the other 2 were went through everything as well (as shown in pictures).








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Ban Appeal: No Pants Chris

I am new to the server and I was logging on for the first time this wipe (second time ever I believe) and I was trying to figure out how the server worked. I spawned right next to where this building was and decided to check it out. The building was wide open so I looked inside out of curiosity and clicked on the chests. I thought that the chests were supposed to be locked to anyone who didn't place them so I wanted to test it and was surprised to find that I could open everything. I did not take anything and simply left after this really confused. I found some other person's house that was open and tried to open some things to test again but this time they were locked, which was even more confusing, but I now understand that a TC is required to lock your items. I do not know the other people who went into the house and opened the person's stuff, and they were not there at the same time as me. I realize there is no real way to prove my innocence because the logs do not show if anything was taken, but I hope the fact that I have no relation to the others who were inside and who built by the house is enough to have reasonable doubt. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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