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Time: 11 pm central

Length of Ban: Permanent 

Reason: Raiding and Looting

More info: Wesley was found looting Mitch Carter's store. Mitch did not have a tc down, but did have an enclosed store. Wesley got into the store by removing a twigged floor placed as a roof, stole the store items, and placed the floor back. He has also placed a bear trap in front of Mitch's store, but was not photographed. Mitch claimed that after he had called me over to help him, Wesley had logged off for the night. Mitch claims they have spoken before in game chat and knew each other, but this was clearly an attack do to the bear trap and add and removal of the roof/floor. 
Prior to this, Wesley has been warned on other accounts. He has locked players into his base before and was given a final warning.

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