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Banned Klhall04


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Time: 11:09 CST

Length of Ban: Permanent 

Reason: Stealing

More info: Klhall04 has been a player that has been seen on multiple loot logs. He was not physically seen stealing until tonight. I have tried reaching out to Klhall04 prior to this incident by constantly trying to get his attention through chat and in game voice. I had also tried running around him, shooting him, and hitting him with an axe to get his attention. He would always run from me. I have left two notes in his inventory about how it is against server rules to steal and loot prior to this. Upon further investigation Khall04 has been seen trying to get into other players bases and homes. Tonight, Khall04 was seen taking items from a sleeping player in the road. Major and myself tried contacting him, but he continued to run away. He was kicked and banned. Below are the logs he have been seen on the before and after pics of him stealing from another player.



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