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Banned: SmayeL

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Time: 8:00 EST

Reason: Looting/Twigging

Length: Permanent

Server: Pure PvE

More Info: This person has been a problem for a while now. He has been seen and continued to be seen on loot logs even after being warned for it. We've also caught him twigging on a few different occasions. Today he broke into a player's shop and stole several things from them. He did return them on request, but he was already on his final warning. There didn't seem to be an ounce of regret or apology when he was confronted. He even said that the player should've protected her base better.

SmayeL 04.jpg

SmayeL 03.jpg

SmayeL 02.jpg

SmayeL 01.jpg

SmayeL 05.png

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