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BANNED: Halo3paulieD (best heavy main)

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Time: 13:07

Reason: Stealing

Server: Survival

Length: Perm.

@SwineDangler called me to his base complaining of a looter. Upon arriving noticed his mining quarry had been cleaned out, and a building added to his existing out building (housing storage boxes for ores piped in from quarry) Inside the addition to SwineDangler's building was Halo3paulieD (best heavy main) with all the stone and LGF from the quarry. Also, he authed himself on SwineDangler's TC and accessed the storage boxes. Clearly knew what he was doing and there was no doubt he knew the building, items and materials did not belong to him. Halo3paulieD (best heavy main) was not on the server at the time but based on evidence i feel a perm ban was warranted. see attached;


















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