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DirtyDave  (Troll)

DirtyDave: this womans server is borrrrrrrrrrrring
MasterChef :cry:: дщд
Mikejuh: k bye
Red_Potato: what's the max water a bucket can fill?
Mikejuh: 2000
Red_Potato: thanks!
KFCSerialKiller: Then leave Dirty waht did you expect didn't you read before you join
KFCSerialKiller: what*
DirtyDave: expected u guys to have a ball or two
LionelisLionel: bye
KFCSerialKiller: then go play out battle ground server
Mikejuh: trololol
Red_Potato: not everyone is as toxic as you who just KOS
KFCSerialKiller: what?
KFCSerialKiller: they no Kos on this server
KFCSerialKiller: and there no killing
Red_Potato: i mean the other guy
DirtyDave: cause u pussssys
Red_Potato: they just KOS on normal servers
Red_Potato: see toxic behavior they just play this game to fill up their ego
Mikejuh: don't feed the troll haha, ignore him lol
DirtyDave: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[Staff Chat Discord]
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