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Banned: Pesto <3

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Time: 5:30AM EST

Reason: Raiding/Looting/Griefing/Harassment

Server: Pure PvE

More info: Crispy was notified by a player that an admin was needed on Pure because someone was raiding, looting, and generally being toxic in chat. I admit that I wasn't really involved, but I asked the player what they did and they admitted to everything and said they didn't really care because they came to the server to bother others. They entered someone's home and began taking things but returned them upon request. They then came back to the same person's house and continued to take things. Then they shot out the person's foundations (they had no TC) and started being toxic in chat, using some off-color vocabulary.

Pesto 01.jpg

Pesto 03.jpg

Pesto 02.jpg

Pesto 04.jpg

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