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Rocket Launcher Event


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Rocket Launcher Event!!

When: Saturday March 17th 6pm Central

Where: AD3 RustEZ Pure

You've seen Shadowfrax do it now we are going to do it! Come join our rocket launcher event on pure to compete against four other players in destroying their tower with a rocket launcher!


  • Everyone will get a tower
  • 4V4, 3 rounds
  • Race to the top to get to your rocket launcher and rockets
  • Whichever team takes down the other side's tower wins
  • When your tower falls, you are out for that round
  • Locks are on the door, the code will be provided at the time of the event
  • Reset zones are provided
  • Beds, food, and clothing are provided
  • Come out and just watch if you want
  • Hope to see you there!!



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