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Banned Spiralily

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Time: 4:45PM EST

Server: Pure

Reason: stealing

Length of ban: permanent 

Shortly after logged in and checking on players, i teleported to spiralily and followed them for about 15 seconds until i saw them make a sharp turn and run right towards a players body. I went uninvisible next to the sleeping player. spiralily still proceeded to open the body and start looting items, i then informed them in chat to put it all back on the body. spiralily then backed completely out of the house started firing arrows at me and then proceeded to keep hitting me with a hatchet. screen shot as follows (sleeping player had a long list of names on the loot log, was unable to quickly get a screenshot of the sleepers inventory before it started to get looted. item was taken off the back of a sleeper and the shirt that spiralily is now wearing in the screen shot, as well as one of the arrows sticking out of my chest). 


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