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Banned G.I Jew

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Time: 8:30pm CT

Length of Ban: Permanent 

Reason: Raiding and Stealing

More Info: G. I Jew has been caught multiple times breaking server rules. Some of these situations I was not present for, but posted here are the accounts he is found on.
Admin Major's Accounts: "Was randomly checking on houses, found 2 houses with G.I jew on the loot logs in the houses and on the body of Riley. The house owned by anul recktum had a floor panel replaced on the top of the house as his enter/exit point. Neither house had a TC in it." "He was informed about 2 hours ago to stop doing that when i caught him "gathering charcoal" "Found G.I Jew on countless loot logs for almost everything in Natalie and Tigers base along with a new player named Jarvis. Natalie said they were pretty much cleaned out of most of their stuff, she had so much of it in the boxes that she couldn't tell me exactly all what went missing. Natalie informed me that G.I Jew was only allowed in the base when she was showing him around and did not let him stay there. I also found a sleeper in the base a$ap milky, only found him on the loot log for 2 things that were not boxes. There is absolutely no window bars on any of their windows and it was easy to find a spot to jump in and go right to the spot with all of the boxes as none of the doors leading to there are locked, after that it is easy to jump right off the side of the base and run off."
Admin Jennykins's Accounts. "G.I Jew was randomly spawned into another players base called Idmaf." "G.I Jew is on his final warning. Caught him trying to get into bases and looting bodies." Tonight, G. I Jew was found with a base inside a cave. It is allowed in Pure as long as the exits are not blocked off. Both exits were blocked off. One by his base and another by multiple walls and prison gates. There is a sign that says, "Exit fee, 50 scrap, 300 sulfur." Another sign says, "Do not complain if you are retarded." This then leads to multiple prison doors that are locked off with a window that has a chair and a TC. This is not only griefing other players from leaving the cave, but also trolling. Along with this, G. I Jew had admitted to raiding and stealing from Tiger and Natalie from before. Before this stealing had occurred, G. I Jew was already on his last warning. Below are screenshots from these accounts. 









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