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Hello. I am CTG.


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I wanted to introduce myself as I have been on the server (Survival PVE) around a week thus far. I have owned rust since 2016, but hadn't really played it until late 2017. I have personally have run a few Rust servers in my time through the game, but because of the constant demand of updates and mod setup/configuration, it became overwhelming; so when I visit a server like this, and I think to myself, "they did this right," I know I found a place to stay. Very impressed with what you've done here and I will definitely be sticking around for many wipes to come. 

I myself am a mid thirties gamer. I started back when original Nintendo had the original Mario Brothers; I never owned an Atari. I played Golden Eye 007 on N64 growing up, my first serious PC game, I played on the regular was Soldier of Fortune 2 (before Steam was around), which I played competitively in their versus modes, playing against other teams. I was a sniper, with a ridiculous kill to death ratio (100:1), but apparently since then I've gotten sloppy; I've missed point blank shots in Rust with a shotgun. Since this I have played many games, many genres through the years. I am a veteran World of Warcraft player, played it since release and I will until the game disappears, as well as many other Steam games, alphas, betas, you name it. 

I keep to myself for the most part, but I am outgoing and engaging as a person. I just have that gamer-mentality that I do what I do, solo, and if I need help I'll ask. If you need assistance, by all means ask me, I more than likely will assist. I enjoy gaming, I find it one of my last true hobbies, outside of enjoying an often daily cigar with a hot cup of coffee; I am a 12 year cigar enthusiast, and find that to be one of my main hobbies outside of gaming, and of course spending time with my dog (65 lb female purebred American bulldog) - which loves to sit next to me and watch me play games... or sleep and leave a heaping puddle of drool; whichever comes first. 

Thank you for having me, you have a great community here, really enjoy what I've seen so far. I am currently on the Survival PVE server, and I look forward to getting to know everyone and becoming part of this great community. 

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