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BASE Jumping Blackjack Event #2


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Join us on Survival Sunday April 1st at 7PM EST

Brought to you by Trifeel and Thex

Event Rules:

Please BE NAKED or wearing clothes you dont mind losing!

Platform will be opened up for players to jump from in the sky. There is a target near the water that will score them points depending where their body lands. First player to b points EXACTLY will win, each subsequent player to 21 will take 2nd and 3rd place.

Please set a home on the foundation of the platform to enable your ability to re-jump. Please confirm that your previous score has been checked before jumping again. We will be in discord and in-game chat!

There will be obstacles on your way down that may hinder your ability to hit the target, GOOD LUCK

Points are accrued as follows:

Main Platform:
Spinning Disc=Bullseye 8 points
Extra Platforms:3

Body center point while dying (your waist) will determine point scoring.

1st place: $10 RustEZ Store Credit (for next wipe) & 5 supply drops for this wipe
2nd place: $5 RustEZ Store Credit (for next wipe) & 5 supply drops for this wipe
3rd place: 5 Supply drops (for next wipe)

All participants will receive a supply drop for having fun.

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