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The Maze - Pure - 4/4


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What:  Test Run of The Maze
When:  4/4/2018 at 8pm EST/5pm PST
Where:  Pure

So I had an epiphany in the wee hours of the morning and decide I could do a thing.  A maze run.  It has been built.  We'll see how it works out.

The Maze is a non-violent encounter so no gear is required.  My only clothing requirement is NO Mining Hats.  Bring a Flashlight and a mostly empty inventory.  Flashlights, food, & water can and will be provided.

There are six prize levels.  No, I'm not telling.  That's part of the fun.
Okay, let's just say they have been selected to give you a leg up on Wipe Day.  And one of them is a booby prize.

Rewards claims after Wipe need to be requested before Midnight on Sunday the 8th (PST).  After that and you are out of luck.
Any rewards involving ammunition may have the ammo count reduced if being awarded on a PVP or Hybrid server at the discretion of the server Admins.


And seriously NO Mining Hats.  Legit disqualifier at any time during the event.



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Despite a hiccup or two, the event went well!  Here is the Prize list for reference.

Players should be asking for these AFTER wipe at some point during the weekend.

CVARG:  3x Supply Drops & 5 Pookie Bears
     (Can be claimed by Koop92.)
Nazzo:  3x Drops & Tier 3 Workbench
Racerx:  2x Drops, a Large Furnace, and a Small Oil Refinery
Paigemaster:  2x Drops, a Mining Quarry, and 5x Survey Charges
Blazin Serpent:  1x Drop, an Assault Rifle (AK) with Holo Sight, Weapon Flashlight, Muzzle Break, and 90 rounds of standard 5.56
Dr. Cider:  1x Drop, a Bolt Action Rifle, with a 4x Scope, Laser Sight, Silencer, and 24 rounds of HV 5.56
Roofstalker:  1x Drop

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