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Rust EZ Pure Scavenger Hunt event


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Starting today, through end of wipe there will be a scavenger hunt event going on Rust EZ pure! 
This event is meant to be something you can come and go as you please and finish at your own pace, however only the first 3 champions will receive the Grand Prizes. 
The event consists of mental and physical trials which stretch across the beautiful map to far flung locals.
The starting point is at  designated building @ coordinates  P18 near the Scoot dog (R.I.P.) memorial, from there you will receive further instructions in form of notes. Pay attention to all your surroundings.
Within each area you will receive a custom item which you need to bring with you and trade at the next location (via vending machines) before moving on. In order to win you must have the final custom item.
Rewards are as follows: 
1st- $10.00 store credit + 10 supply drops
2nd- 10 supply drops

3rd- 5 supply drops.

-If you have any questions feel free to ask me/other admins but we will not do it it for you. Everything has been tested and IS possible if you have the determination to do so!

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