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Banned: TheRustyBard

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Time: 3:32 PM PST

Length: Permanent

Reason: Raiding

More Info: A few days ago Crispy was alerted to a base that had been robbed. While looting is allowed on the server, he was unable to find how the thief (Bard) got in. We determined that he either boosted or glitched his way in, both of which are against server rules. We wanted to investigate further, so we didn't move forward with a ban. Upon further investigation it was learned from others that he said he had glitched into bases with the boat glitch and used that to rob them.



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what ever.... i didnt glitch but you can call it what you will... boats spawning is on facepunch i admit that, but using surroundings to get into a base is how i did it... if you run and jump off the back the engine is actually higher than the boat itself... so knowing that... check your surroundings and weakness in your base.. but i guess yinz just want to call it a glitch

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