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time: 5:03 pm est

reason: raiding stealing

length of ban: permanent

more info: evidence if him working with another banned player to twig into peoples bases also on multiple boxes inside the base.


image.thumb.png.428c6229cdd1ce2224eadbc671b433b7.pngimage.thumb.png.c085bd1a6556b3e17e87e04c781d6b72.pngimage.thumb.png.ac3046de379118f69d8d13817883884a.pngimage.thumb.png.d79eadddac62763695bce22ac3f36c27.pngand yet another house raided by the same crims, this is milkduds house now

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I'm curious about my ban from the second RustEZ server. First, the ban post makes it sound like I was working with another banned player? I wasn't playing/working with anyone. That doesn't change much, but just thought you should know, that guy and I are unconnected.

So, is the ban from the second RustEZ server an extension of the Ban on the other server? Let me just explain myself a little, here.
Lets start with the first ban I got from the pure no raid server. I was having connection issues with many servers, and eventually joined that server without reading the rules. Yeah, that's pretty dumb of me considering, and considering the pure no-stealing on that server, I figured it wouldn't really match the play style I wanted anyway, (I'm a very new player, not on a second account,) so I didn't appeal that ban.

The second RustEZ server, however, I was much more careful. I very meticulously read the stealing and raiding rules, and when I came across a base that had partially decayed, I read the rules again to see if that would qualify as permissible or actually stealing. Coming to the conclusion that it was not stealing, I took the loot and went on my jolly way. From the images posted, it's unclear to me which server the screenshots are from, and I also cannot tell if I was banned from the second server for the offense on the first one.

So anyway, the point of my message is that I believe that I didn't infract the rules on the second server, and would like to humbly request that I be permitted back onto that server. I do not so much care about the other server, since stealing is sort of a critical aspect of this game, I doubt I could resist a chest next to a window... If my actions on both servers were bannable, I'd be interested to hear why since I thought I was in the clear on the second server.

If you would consider unbanning me from that server, I can promise that I will be much more attentive to the rules, however if you wish to keep me banned, I understand.

Also I love Kyuss and everything Josh Homme does

Bot Stephen

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Thanks Kyuss and Meowful.

I would really appreciate your clemency on this issue. It is not, and will never be my intent to purposefully decrease others' enjoyment of the game, and considering I'm a super newb in Rust, I would really appreciate the ability to familiarize myself with the game in a less stressful environment than most official servers.
If you are feeling so gracious as to unban me, I can assure you that there will not be an issue again.
Anyway, I'm sure you have enough info to make a decision. I look forward to your ruling, either way.

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