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Banned Chodack black and RALPHtheRAPIST

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Time: 10:23pm central

Reason: Harassment 

Length of Ban: Permanent

More info: Two players came onto the sever saying very inappropriate things in word chat after being warned. Both are banned. 

Chodack black: RALPH
Chodack black: your a nigger
Chodack black: xcunt
Chodack black: n i g g e r
Willow17: wheres the heli
Jennykins: HEY
Jennykins: stop
Chodack black: uo ur bum
Brendiux: please no n words please
Chodack black: n i g g e r
Willow17: :o
RALPHtheRAPIST: fuck you dumb cunt jews
Jennykins: oh another one
Willow17: toodles
Brendiux: wow haha
RALPHtheRAPIST: kick me i dare you slut
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