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Skydiving on Pure


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Next Friday night April 27th, 2018  @ 7 p.m. est we will be holding our first skydiving event on Pure!
The object and rules are simple and are as follows:

1. Do not wear anything your not willing to lose as you will most likely die quite a few times during event!
2. The event is based off of a point system similar to 21 the card game. 
3. First player to 21 wins (however we will also have a 2nd and 3rd place.
4. If you go over 21 you "bust" and your score resets to 0 and you must start over again.
5.Platform is broken up into different point values depending on material its made of.
Point values are as follow:
Twig - 2 points
Wood - 3 points
Stone- 4 points
Metal - 5 points
Armored - 6 points
Bulls eye - 8 points 

1st place- 3 supply drops
2nd place- 2 supply drops
3rd place- 1 supply drop

Looking forward to seeing you all there!



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