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Rusty Bandit

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Some jirk who calls himself "the rusty Bandit" got in my house while I was offline ripped me off for some scrape and thinks I had on me.  Had the gall to leave a note.  Have no idea how he got in. all doors are locked, if I HADNT  BEEEN STRIPPED OF ALL MY BYS LAST WIPE I'd OF HAD A WALL AROUND THE PLACE.  THIS JUST SUCKS.


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@Shriker as this isn't your first time being a target of Stealing, Looting, and Raiding, I would like to recommend finding someone to help you work on being more proactive about your bases security.  Tool Cabinets, Locks, and Window Bars are your friends and a proactive security plan can help prevent others from ruining your hard work and fun.  While Stealing, Looting, and Raiding are forbidden on Pure, it is not enforced in an automated fashion, It is enforced by Admins.

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I copy.  I now have reinforced glass locks on all boxes and doors.  My problem is losing the BPs for things like reinforced glass and window bars.  That just really sucketh.  When you work real hard to research the BPs for each work bench and lose them in a flash it kinda takes the  wind out of your sales.

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