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Grievers and Stealers - Lord Farquuad and Rust Ninja

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I'm kinda new to this server but I found it very friendly and cool to play on.
I just had a strange "meeting" with Lord Farquaad and Rust Ninja who just invited themselves to my base, by constructing some stuff over.
They stole (at least, Lord Farquaad) a lot of things in my base, like more than 1,200 scraps, metal fragments, metal ores and stuff.
And then, asking me to type in console something like "bind x kill" so I could get my stuff back.
Obvisouly I did not.

Would it be possible to do something about that, I could I get my stuff back?
Everything happenned near 2am UTC-5

Thank you very much in advance

Edited by [BDOS] ShuKri
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