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Banned: Lord Farquaad and Rust Ninja

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Time: 12:09AM PST


  • Lord Farquaad: 7656119836763966
  • Rust Ninja: 76561198168990504

Length: Permanent

Reason: Raiding/Looting/Trolling/Griefing

More Info: Player called out for help saying he was being raided and griefed by two players. I teleported to the scene and saw the twigging outside, then went back inside and revealed myself. I informed the two that raiding and stealing was against server rules. They both tried to pin the blame on each other and even tried to say the victim let them in. Rust Ninja began blasting All Star by Smashmouth and I swung, I was in the process of banning the other player when he tried to bribe me with skins and after I said no he said I sounded transgender (which I take as a compliment). He then proceeded to place twig walls anywhere he could as I finished banning him from the server. I refunded the metal fragments used in making metal walls that were griefing the victim further, and also gave a tool cupboard to prevent this from happening again.



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