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Banned ToxicFTW

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Time : 5.30pm GMT

Reason: Raiding and Stealing

Length: Permanent

More info: Caught ToxicFTW in the act of looting TheHildo's unsecured base, he put stuff back and I let him off with a warning. Soon after found his name on the loot logs of basically everything in the nearby area, including Aurora and Tankie's bodies, among other sleepers and multiple boxes in their house. Various assorted items appear to have gone missing from the boxes he went in.
Edited: Jennykins: This player had also raided and stole from another player named Droozy.
Edit Edit: Toxic also raided and stole from OtherDeadGuy














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@ToxicFTW Ok, we are willing to give you one last chance on the following conditions;

1. Any action against the rules (even those that would normally result in a warning) will get you permanently banned, with no appeals.

2. You need to reply to this forum saying you completely understand and have read the rules, so there is no excuse if anything happens. Please also copy the rule about raiding and looting into your reply so we know you have seen it.


1. No raiding, griefing or looting other players bodies, supply drops, chests or any kind of equipment with storage. 

2. No mic or chat spamming, player disrespect, racism or hate speech is tolerated.

3. No building on roads, or blocking large access to unused land. If building in caves, you must ensure safe passage in and out.


We will unban you when we see your reply.

- Huddicle

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