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Banned: Bobyolo21

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Time: 11:42PM PST

SteamID: 76561198368893599

Reason: Stealing

Length: Permanent

More Info: I was called to Pure to investigate a robbery that took place. Someone had stolen 2500 fuel from a player as well as shotgun rounds and scuba gear. Just under 500 scrap was also reported missing along with a HQM chest plate. There were only two names on the logs for the chest, and the other player only had a pair of scuba goggles in common with what was missing. Bobyolo21 was also the only name on the lootlog for the research table. He had several stacks of fuel hidden in his tool cupboard, scrap, buckshot, and the HQM chest plate. The player has been seen on other lootlogs across Pure so I am proceeding with a ban to prevent any further incidents from occurring.



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