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Battle Boats #2 on Pure


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This event is called as the name suggests...BATTLE BOATS
Event will take place 8pm Central Saturday July 14th. (Bring nothing you don't want to lose)
Event will consist of the following:
- 8-4 teams of 2 per round

- Each boat will have 1 driver and 1 gunner

- The driver may swap seats in the boat but never leave it. (driver will have a hat in locker w/ uniforms provided @ event)

- The gunner is in charge of sinking other player boats as well as going onto platform if you choose to.

- Each gunner will start with a M92 with ammo.

- Located at the center of arena is an platform in which stronger weapons can be acquired.

-When gathering guns you may have 1 of each type but do not be greedy and grab all rifles/ammo.

- The further you go on platform the stronger the weaponry, however you leave your driver defenseless during this time!

- If at any time the driver is seen on platform your team is disqualified. (this is your warning)

-gunner is to only shoot if in their boat not while standing on center island.

- Post teams down below



-1st place: 5 supply drops for driver and gunner.

-2nd place: 3 supply drops for driver and gunner.

-3rd place: 1 supply drop for driver and gunner.



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