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Banned: thetruekalel

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Time: 11:30PM (est)

Length: Permanent

Reason: Raiding and Looting

Additional Info: At 4:50pm, thetruekalel offered his base up to any willing player as he was 'bored" and wanted more to do. A player accepted and started to move his belongings in. At 9pm he went back to the base, which had it's TC cleared and locks changed, and broke in by removing blocks he built. The base was left open to looting, and some items are believed to be missing. He was found on several chests well after the point where chat logs show he gave the base away. We determined that it was no longer his base since the other player moved in, and raided it gaining access to another player's property.

Proof: Chat logs and more screen shots available upon request





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I'd like to dispute my "raiding ban". The base I built into was my previous base that was given to PFC. PFC changed a sign i had made and the server took it as a joke. I asked if i was allowed to break into my own base (something that i built) to change the sign back and to take what i didn't want this person to have and the admins online laughed it off and didnt say i was breaking any rules. None of the chests that i took from contained anything PFC put there. I even opened the code locks on the bottom floor chests so he could change them. The chests on the second floor were not used by him as he had just started moving stuff into the base and after i changed the sign i took my guns and my resources that i'd rather give to other players. The TC was not changed at the time i went in as all the structures that were broken were broken with a salvaged hammer. I guess my joke was not well received but im not sure where i actually broke any rules here. I even told him after to change the TC list and rebuild but even that is being held against me.

I will reference Deadlimb who can account that i didnt break into anything. He gave me the hammer so i could wreck havoc on my own structures.

I've shown nothing but kindness to this server as most of my resources i give away to other members. If this is the one joke that permabans me from a server i've helped make a fun experience then im curious why noone paid attention when i asked ahead of time.

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What to address first... 

You gave everything away openly in chat. You were cleared on the TC and the locks were changed. You never made an agreement with the other player allowing you to return. 

You said it yourself, the base you raided was PREVIOUSLY your base that you GAVE pfc. If you had a problem with the sign you couldve talked to Pfc but instead decided to take a chunk of it out. You asked the admin if you could “raid” your own base, you never mentioned that you gave that base away. Your convenient wording of the situation doesn’t justify it. 

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