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You Can't Take It With You Volume 1


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Tonight on US Scourge...

You Can't Take It With You September Edition

Grab your finest gear and all your guns! We're meeting up on the west side and cutting a swath through the hordes on the map. Who cares about the loot? The world ends tomorrow, so we're going out with a bang!

And when we reach Launch the mayhem begins. 


Wave after wave of carnage and destruction, repeated respawning and getting domed by a tank! 

Chills! Thrills! Cans of beans! 

The action begins whenever I finally make it home and ends sometime after I've been home for a while! 

Explosive rounds and beans provided. All else is up to you. 

Feel free to bring that c4 you've been stockpiling. I want to see zombie bits raining from the sky!

Heli incoming? WE TAKE IT ON IN THE OPEN!

Tonight. Do the thing. 

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