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Ban Appeal

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My name is Gopnik and I'm apologizing for stealing Mout's and imbored's items, at first when I first joined the server I stole imbored's items and I didn't know about the rules so that's my fault for not reading the rules. Then with Mout's items it was a misunderstanding on my part so tell him I'm sorry and for the staff who had to deal with me I'm sorry as well. I was going to give back Mout's and imbored's items, if do get unbanned next time I get a c4 I will give it to imbored and I will give Mout some stuff to make up for this. I'll try my best.


            Sal (Gopnik)

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Very well put Sal. I appreciate you reaching out. Bans are typically permanent, but the Pure admin discussed it and we feel reaching out shows you understand what you did wrong. I'll lift the ban, but going forward be sure to have permission before entering someone else's base or taking someone else's things. Read the rules again before you join, just to be sure.

Give me a few minutes to lift it and you'll be okay to come back in.

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