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Banned: Marcus


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Je suis désolé mais je n'avais pas lu les règles du serveur et je pensais que nous avions le droit de faire des raids Je suis vraiment désolé et pour l'avertissement que j'ai eu était de ne pas dire pourquoi j'ai été averti vraiment aimer ce serveur à nouveau désolé

Edited by Marcus
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2 hours ago, Marcus said:

I'm sorry but I did not read the server rules and I thought we had the right to raid I'm really sorry and for the warning I had it was not to mention why i was warned, i like this server very much and if i could be unban it would be really nice, still sorry. the other message a bug


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Hello Marcus,

Usually bans are permanent. But I feel that you reaching out shows that you understand what you did is wrong. I'll lift the ban, but going forward be sure to have permission before entering someone else's base or taking someone else's things. Please fully read the rules and make sure you understand them before you continue playing on the server. The rules include placeable, so stay away from peoples pumpjacks, furnaces etc... We will be watching you closely in the future. Any further violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban that will not be lifted.

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