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Banned CocoThunder420 and Drack the Despawner


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Time: 12:15 AM EST

Length: Permanent

Reason: Raiding

Additional Info: Player reported missing items from a fenced in area. CocoThunder420 showed up on multiple boxes in compound. When we checked on Coco, we found them and Drack boosting up into a window, and stealing from another compound. The pictures tell the story pretty well on this one....

Edit: We've found MANY other bases they raided. At least 5 separate bases were accessed through raiding.

Proof: So much more evidence upon request....

20180915000126_1.jpg?width=501&height=28 unknown.png?width=501&height=282 20180915000537_1.jpg?width=501&height=28 20180915000336_1.jpg?width=501&height=28 unknown.png?width=501&height=282

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