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US Pure Murderous Mountain Oct 27th at 7:00pm EST


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Come and join us for a brisk swim, an invigorating jog, and a last minute climb to claim the prize on Murderous Mountain!

US Pure will be having a race to the top of the mountain to see who can light the beacon first. You will have to grab a bow, swim to shore, fight your way through the natives, and climb the tower to light a beacon at the top to claim your prize.


Oct 27th at 7:00 pm EST


This will be an F1 kill in, F1 kill out event.

You will be assigned a bed and F1 kill to come to the starting point where you'll turn in your rock and torch for bow and arrows.

When the event starts you'll swim to shore and fight your way across the island and up the mountain where there's a tower on the opposite side. You'll climb the tower to a platform where you'll light a beacon. First person to light it wins.

If you die, you can respawn in your bed and try again. There will be no tp's



1st 5 airdrops to be handed out Nov. wipe

2nd 4 airdrops to be handed out Nov. wipe

3rd 3 airdrops to be handed out Nov. wipe

Making it to the top 2 airdrops to be handed out Nov. wipe

Participation but not making it to the top 1 airdrop to be handed out Nov. wipe


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