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Banned: Error =C and Coronel do Reggae

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:Offender: Error =C  (steam) (178592971)

Offender: Coronel do Reggae (steam) (211712942)

Time: 9:45 PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding, Looting, Boosting
Additional Info: Both were boosted in by an unknown and looted a compound's chest, sleepers, furnaces, quarry, etc. They both authorized on the tc as well. Update, after initial ban, we found their names inside multiple other bases and the tc's in them. Additional proof upon request.

Proof: (more available upon request)20181017213324_1.thumb.jpg.7c48ea61405bf8af88af3c927c7d64a8.jpg20181017213313_1.thumb.jpg.b57341215c903933616a95e7d093aac4.jpg20181017213308_1.thumb.jpg.75e987bb00dfa128669e5668e270a93c.jpg20181017213254_1.thumb.jpg.972db16fe8e8d150fd162921705eb4bf.jpg20181017213220_1.thumb.jpg.0033409de07f03ebeaa2299423a9a8c3.jpg20181017213004_1.thumb.jpg.12e491dbcb0a2a575298fee77e5fdf5d.jpg20181017215104_1.thumb.jpg.8df6d2a9fc9ad8bab09ded9ef20ef7e2.jpg





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