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US Scourge Underwater Mazerunner


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US Scourge Underwater Mazerunner

Dive for some juicy underwater loot while traversing through the multi-layered maze! But keep track of the time you still need to get out!

RULES & Info:

The event will be on Nov 7 - Nov 9 and between 8 pm - 12 am(EST)  Additional maze runs will be offered via in-game notice as admin(s) are available.

To enter, reply to this forum thread and indicate what time you would like to run the maze.

Players will enter one by one to give everyone an equal chance at loot boxes so please be patient.

This is a timed course and the fastest time will win the top prizes.

There will be various loot boxes around the maze with loot to grab but be aware that you are only given limited diving tanks and you must get out alive to be considered for the grand prizes.

Recommended: You should arrive with no gear on so if you die within the maze we won't have to worry about lost articles.


The three fastest players to complete the maze will win the grand prizes.

1st place:   $10 RustEZ store credit
2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit
3rd place:    5 supply signals

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Thank you to those who participated in the event!


1st place: DPIA
$10 RustEZ store credit

2nd place: Carnage889
$5 RustEZ store credit

3rd place: Battlebear47
5 supply signals

DPIA                   Time: 8:04.66
Carnage889      Time: 8:18.72
Battlebear4       Time: 8:19.04

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