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UK Scourge Derby Boat Race


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Come join the fun at UK Scourge’s 2nd event. Everyone is invited to join our boat race around the island. You’ll be going over jumps while trying to ram & put your  competition out of the race!

When is it?

Time:          6:00pm EST(US) – 11:00pm BST(UK)

Date:           November 25th, 2018

Location:    UK Scourge Server

What do I bring?

Nothing, except 2 pieces of clothing. Drop everything else. Type /Event to get to location. Everything from Tools, Food and Gear will be provided to you.

What are the Rules?

  • No weapons of any kind.
  • Must complete all jumps in order to win
  • Stay within the marked areas of race track
  • No harassing other players/admins or you could be disqualified. Keep the event civil and fun
  • Use the tools and fuel given to you as they will not be replaced

What are the prizes?

1st Place:     $10 EZ Credit

2nd Place:      $5 EZ Credit

3rd Place:         5 Air Drops

Participation Gift of 1 Air Drop will be given to those who completed in the race.  Prizes can be given to you before or after Wipe on December 6th, 2018. Please remind us so we can arrange with the other admins from your server.


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Many thanks to all who came out to support UK Scourges’ 2nd event! We had an amazing time! Good fun! Great memories!

Here is the WINNERS list:

1st Place:   GSS-fREEd0m GER                $10 RUSTEZ Store Credit

2nd Place:  Smokey 420                              $5 RUSTEZ Store Credit

3rd Place:  Dexter113                                   5 Air Drops for next wipe (Dec.6th, 2018)

1 airdrop will be given to each player that participated in event including those who joined in to watch. Please let us know if you want your airdrop before or after wipe.

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