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Banned All servers-Raiding

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I was Banned quite some time ago for raiding, I left to play different games and what not. I have returned to see if the Raiding Ban had been lifted yet but apparently not, I would like to apologise for the rule infraction, have it lifted and promise to avoid from raiding in the future unless otherwise stated in the rules at any future date. I regret my action that got me banned as the RustEZ servers are the best on the Rust game and to not be able to play on the servers that are the best shows me what a stupid mistake it was. I ask for a second chance and do not mind being monitored, etc  to have a second chance at playing on these RustEZ servers again. If I am permitted into the servers again I will refuse to break any further rules and will be sure to follow any and all rules/guidelines in the future, also I will make sure I ask before doing something I may think is or isn't against the rules before doing so as to avoid this act of rule breaking in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and I hopefully look forward to seeing you in game once more.


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