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My thoughts on the RustEZ community


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This is a long read, but it accentuates how highly I think of this group. First, let me set the scene. I bought Rust a little over a year ago, after watching a funny YouTube video about the game. I found that the game mechanics matches something I've been looking for in a game for a while. When the price was right I pulled the trigger. My first experience with rust made me regret the purchase, as I thought a safe move would be to join the official servers. After spending 30 minutes realizing I didn't enjoy being pummeled with rocks and spears I did some research on noob friendly servers. With this new knowledge I went into "community servers" I went on a high pop server, and was immediately scared ****less. I didn't know clans were a thing in this game until now.

 I didn't want to play a game that would lead me to constant panic attacks so I went back to the "research table" and found something I've not heard of before: PVE. Armed with yet more info I went back and found a nice little low pop server, or at least the first one I came upon that had more than 0 players in game. The one person to talked to me was cordial, offering me food and other items to get started. After that the server was quiet. No chat and no people. I did some farming and setup a base just before nightfall. And then came the heli... I never encountered it before so I had no idea what to expect... I thought it was a friendly entity (hahaha). There was no mention of anything in chat so I didn't know better.  A while later I got bored and looked for other servers to play... 


And then I found RustEZ. I found Pure and Survival, and decided to check out Pure, because I wanted to learn the game on a vanilla server. At the time there weren't too many people in game, but something about how well the description was written I wanted to check it out.

The difference was staggering. I was immediately welcomed by quite a few people. Happy with this unexpected welcome, I went about farming. The whole while I realized my chat box was not going away. The chatter was lively and nonstop! The "green people", who I now know to be admins were awesome, just chilling and joking around with everyone  in chat.

Everybody was having fun and it was great!!! I couldn't believe there were actually friendly and interactive people on Rust!!

And then came another heli, but this time I actually saw, in chat, what it is and what to do. I'm glad I saw that because I would have died with my inventory full lol

I had interactions with players and admins on a number of occasions since then and it was at that time I realized this was not merely a server, but rather a community. I bought VIP a short while later and participated in some events. 

I haven't yet experienced this feeling of belonging in any game. I even bought Ark and played it for a while because my friend had a private server but it couldn't possibly amount to what RustEZ has become.

It's like if we were all to meet in person at a bar we would have the greatest times of our lives. 

Thank you so much to @Deathand the admins. I really believe this is a fantastic community and can't wait to see it grow even further! 


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