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Harrassed yesterday evening.

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Inferno's B!tch set me up yesterday for his own type of enjoyment and my torment.

I'll start at the beginning and just tell this story. I've been on this server ((US) Survival PvE) about 3 weeks I guess. Never had a problem, cool with everyone. Only one person I didn't really care for just by the way he carried himself and turns out, I was right.
I have 7 quarry's and 8 pumpjacks and make trips to them about twice a day. And everyone knows it. I was just finishing up at my farthest stop in e8. As I rose up your boy Inferno's B!tch called to the dude in the balloon to give him a ride. Not wanting to but also trying to play well with others I lifted up and set toward him. He told me f2, or e2 something like that. It's a small island. As I got closer I was immediately fired upon by Sam sites which took me down and blew up my balloon. I of course lost all my fuel in the wreck. I took off running the hell away from this "TOXIC" dude. And he started shooting at me. Hitting me several times. I yelled to stop shooting me but it only continued with his laughter. He kept shooting and hitting me till I finally was out of sight. For me, who suffers from anxiety this was rather traumatic because I came specifically came to a PvE server because I freak out when being attacked. I only have to fight animals as I don't go to any place where they are allowed to attack. No monuments, I don't go to drops specifically so I won't have that conflict. Sure a simple answer is for ME to go elsewhere. I mentioned it in chat a few moments later when I saw a admin on. I asked about his shooting me and he said it depends on if he stopped when I asked. Which clearly he didn't.
The rules don't apply to this individual because he's a long time member of this server and the rules are blurred when it comes to him. The admin on theattackchef does a great job and I appreciate him very much but felt let down when he saw it was the server dog and said , "Not nice IB". And added that I can't actually take damage, it's more of an annoyance really. Even if that is true and I learned it after the fact.
Anyway, Inferno's B!tch thought it was real funny. I'm sure he does this all the time and gets away with it. Till this one 57 yr. old man decided not to take his shit.
Do I feel like justice was done. not even close. All I ask is if someone can look into this and make sure that everything was done correctly to ensure the safety and good sportsmanship within the community. As for me, no affect huh? That's why I played about 3 hours longer than planned to build the great wall of china around my property to ensure I can keep this fool away from me.
He pleaded with his fake I'm sorry's which can't be cashed here.
The loss of my fuel alone should be stealing.
It's the famed "If But For" rule Judge Judy always refers to. If but for this, "THIS" wouldn't have happened.
I always give everyone the same amount of rope of respect. It's what they decide to do with it that counts. Many will make a RUSTic belt or necktie out of it, others might just wonder what to do with this rope. All are good. But this fool decided he wanted to hang himself with my rope. Have you ever seen anyone ever become "UN-hung"
Of course this is all in your hands now, but I'd personally like to see toxicity removed from everyone's lives.

I can't narrow down the time because I was freaked out for quite a time. But I'm thinking around 6:30- 7:30pm pst. But you might be able to check with the admin who was on at the time maybe they recollect the time. Or if you can find where I say please stop shooting me and backtrack. It may have just been "Stop shooting me", I don't know, I paused to type while being shot at.
Just trying to find out if I was treated fairly.

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I understand that what I did was wrong andam deeply saddened by my acctions. I promise it won't happen again. If there is anything I can do to make amends with a fellow player I will, just pm me on discord and I will repay you double the amount of lgf you lost. Sorry this happened. I will make sure to remove the same sites


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