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RustyBalls Run on US Pure: Wednesday, December 5


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RustyBalls Run

Close out wipe with us on US Pure for the RustyBalls Run!

We will be having a race across the map for prizes.

- - - - - Details - - - - - 
Event Place: RustEZ US Pure
Event Schedule:   07:00 pm EST  (-5 GMT) Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Planned Timeframe:  90 min +-

- - - - - Prizes - - - - - 
1st:    $10 EZ Store credit
2nd:   $5  EZ Store credit
3rd:    5 Airdrops  (Can be carried over to next wipe)
Participation award: 1 Airdrop (Able to be carried over to next wipe.)

- - - - - Rules - - - - - 
For equal competition and fair play, Players will need to F1 kill before coming to the /event (Only rock and torch will be allowed).
Players not following the rules will need to start over and lose there spot, and possibly the Monument race.
Multiple race violations may result in race disqualification.

  • All obstacles are able to be completed and have been tested, and as such admin intervention will not be offered to complete the race.
  • Marked (Christmas Tree) vending machines may be located along the roads or inside of monuments.
  • You must stay on the marked path (Roads) and follow the marked (Christmas Tree) Vending machines during the race.
  • You are not allowed to accept or advert to using resources obtained from outside the race area.
  • Players may work together, but prizes cannot be claimed by groups and players must decide individual placement within groups.
  • Players working in a group must also purchase items as individual members and not purchase for other team members.
  • If you meet an untimely death you must start the race over from the /event starting point (With only rock and torch).
  • Players are allowed to gather, craft and loot (Barrels, containers) to gain an edge over other competitors.
  • You cannot use built foundations to avoid wildlife or other threats. Natural rocks may be used.
  • If you are not able to complete vending machine transactions you must return and complete the previous vending machine checkpoint before advancing.
  • The use of a stand-in or secondary player not competing in the race who is actively helping you advance is not allowed. And may result in race forfeiture.
  • If you caught skipping or attempting to cheat in the event, you will be removed and forfeit any/all prizes including the participation prize.
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