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Best tips for after wipe start?


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I head the closest road, following it and hitting barrels and crates. Usually I get a good amount of scrap and better tools/items along the way. If I'm lucky to spawn near a supermarket or gas station I hit there first to get food and key cards. As I approach my desired base site I start collecting wood and other building mats. Usually by this time I have enough things recycled to give me a decent supply of metal frags as well for door locks and other miscellaneous items. If all goes well and I'm not met with a grisly death involving a bear and an unfortunately placed cliff I'm already well on my way within the first few hours of the wipe. 

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1.Just spawn

2.Call in V.I.P. hope for a gun 

3.Hunt for food and find water.

4. Look at Map

5.Then to wood and stone.

6. While farming this look for an area you like for a base even a temp base..

This can be a temp base someplace to store your stuff while out and about, look for a better place you like.

7. grind, research, grind,  research, loot container and puzzles.

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