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UK Scourge - Banned Tinrah


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Id like to appeal this ban for the following reasons:

  1. I genuinely didn't know this was against the rules.
  2. The player that owned the Base in question also placed several TC around the area to prevent other players building within the map section some of the Tc shown in the the picture didn't belong to me.
  3. I have been active on the server and helpful within the community since before this wipe.
  4. I have never deliberately broken the rules and have repeatedly asked for verification on other aspects when I wasn't sure. For instance building on roads etc.
  5. I'm deeply sorry for my actions and didn't mean to cause any inconvenience to anyone. I was simply trying to make sure that i would be able to build within the area in the coming days. UK Scourge is my favourite server and haven't seen any rules laid out other than the loading server screen. If these rules are available on the site, a link would ensure I can and will follow them going forward.



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Upon further investigation, it looks as if you were doing this deliberately to instigate fight with player. The player in question, has only been respectful, helpful and genuinely a nice person to all players on UK Scourge server. This incident left the player wanting to leave server for good. All players shouldn't have to feel oust by another player nor harassed. UK Scourge server is not a very high pop. server at the moment. Finding space or claiming space to build shouldn't be a matter of debate. Player had already claimed area right after wipe. Secondly, the name on the sleeping bag describing the area the player had built on is not very nice. Rules are in server description as soon as you log in. In case you are not aware, here is the list for your convenience. 


No raiding, griefing or stealing of any kind

● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, or racism

● No Building on roads or blocking off monuments

● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage


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As previously mentioned I wasn't intending to "Grief". The amount of tools cupboards placed where meant as a joke and nothing more as it is clear I had started creating a base there but wanted to continue today after I had gathered more resources and it was daylight. I also believed that the base had most likely been abandoned as it was created entirely out of twig and I had previously been told that permanent structures should be made out of wood or better. The TC where placed at night and i just put them where It would let me so it wasn't a deliberate act to grief anyone. As we have had many interactions before on the server and i always try to join in the community. The clan I am in and myself have participated in your town during this wipe period I would also say that I have been only been respectful, helpful and genuinely a nice person to all players on UK Scourge server despite having found my self in similar situations that I have felt like leaving the server before from multiple thefts. I have helped people on this server in completing the cargo ship run and providing tips to many that I have found in my short time playing Rust. On the last wipe i provided multiple players with excess mining quarries and other items and asked nothing in return. I am still relatively new to rust and have played almost entirely (bar about an hour) on the EZ servers. Almost all of this time has been on the Scourge UK server. I see little point in trying to instigate a fight with players on a PVE server so wouldn't ever try, in fact I avoid PVP in all games I play. I sincerely apologize to any body that I upset or offended.

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Hi ZOMB, as you know me and Tin are real-life-friends and had considered UK Scourge a server we can play on. Am just trying to clarify our position on the island where Tin had put TC's down, we had thought the base on the island was genuinely deserted as it was made of twig and not at least wood (which we thought bases had to be, rightly or wrongly). The TC placement(s) were there to ensure that we could build there the next night (or tonight if we hadn't messed up) as again previously stated, we thought it was abandoned and looked a cool place to live. In regard to the sleeping bag name, well, that sleeping bag was actually mine and was intended for me to teleport directly to the island using the 'kill' command so i didn't have to travel. the naming "wanker island' was a poor "internal" joke with me and Tin, E.G. for all intentions and purposes, we were the "wankers". we didn't even realise the owner of the base on the island was still active and will publicly apologise to that person as we sincerely didn't want to upset anyone.

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