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US Pure: Jimmy Recard Banned


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Offender: Jimmy Recard (76561198102405245)

Server: US Pure

Time: 1:04 am EST

Reason: Heli Griefing,, twigging, Raiding, despawning loot, Toxic/homophobic slurs

Info: Offender twigged into base, aggroed Patrol Heli on base, destroyed a twig wall, threw majority of over 20 chest inventories on the floor to despawn what he did not want. Offender was caught while returning to take another sweep of the base, moved to a location for a chance to redeem himself, instead began throwing out transphobic homophobic and sexist slurs over voice chat and game chat. Kept trying to f1 kill to get out.

Most of the interaction was through verbal in-game chat.

Proof: Below








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