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Banned On US Pure : Ching Lang & JarJarJamal

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Offender: Ching Lang (steam) ( 89763517 ) & JarJarJamal (steam) ( 3736062 )

Server: US Pure

Time: 11.49 PM est ( 12.49 PM )

Length: Permanent

Reason: A player call admin telling that somebody in their base and were destroying some of their stuff (base without tc) found that there were two player were in it, telling them to stop, one player calling admin cunt. both of them stop ( one of them died) and leave the player base, the victim then put a tc on their base as advice by admin a few minute later the same victim call admin again and found that ching lang enter their base when they open the door open and auth the tc further more destroy half of their base including some box (provoking and being toxic on voice) . Kicked Ching Lang and put him in 1*1 foundation for discussing about server rules ( player acknowledge ) and release him after he understand his fault. Both of them comeback to the same building jump boost into the window open some box and eating their food( witness by admins). Caught the third time and banned



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