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US Scourge Panic Platforms


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US Scourge Panic Platforms

Date: Jan. 16th 8 pm EST

Rules and Info:

  • The last 3 players will receive the top 3 prizes
  • Players will be given a set of weapon, ammo, and meds (compound bow, 100 arrows, fire arrow. 10 meds). 
  • Each player will have ONE fire arrow that will instantly break a platform. Use them wisely!
  • Everyone will start at the top of the structure and players will slowly fall down.
  • The foundations are designed so that there are more missing platforms as you go down a level.
  • This event is a Free-for-all style and the goal is to knock your opponents down out of the twig platforms.
  • It is possible to fall multiple levels which could get you in a wounded state, if you don't get back up you are out, although you can try to convince other players to help you back up.
  • If you hit the water or not in a twig platform you are out.
  • If you fall and hit the next floor you may shoot the platforms above you if there are players above.
  • If you are out, you may not shoot platforms any longer. Doing so will get you killed.

Playing and standing on the wall frames will get you a disqualification.

There will be two rounds. The top 3 winners of the first round may participate again for round 2 for fun but will be ineligible to win any of the top prizes.


  • 1st place:   $10 RustEZ store credit
  • 2nd place:    $5 RustEZ store credit
  • 3rd place:       5 supply signals


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Congratulations to all the winners!

  • 1st place:   DPIA, Crazie, Warlord Ubba ($10 RustEZ store credit)
  • 2nd place:    (tk)Twisted Kakiro, Lord Greenthumb, iso($5 RustEZ store credit)
  • 3rd place:       GhostQuartz, Bloo Luc, Monkeytheracer (5 supply signals)

Thank you all for participating!! 

Love you all, long time ❤️

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