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Banned EU Pure CoolDad420


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Offender: CoolDad420
Server: EU Pure
Time: 11:50PM GTM+1
Length: Permanent
Reason: Sexism/Toxic Behaviour/Griefing

Additional info: The players was asked by an admin to remove part of a building that was builded on the road. He could not do it right at that moment so he was offered a 24h time window to do it, after that he called the admin a "cunt".  An other admin came in between to tell him such name calling is not appericiated nor allowed.
After that he became toxic to that admin, called her a "cunt" , started to call her homophobic etc.
He started spamming over voice "They smell like poo"
He also builded a trap base to grief players, with a sign outside for "free food & shelter" and added beartraps inside the building.

After the fact info: The player turned to Discord to complain, after he failed to get an unban he started going on all voice channels to spread more toxic behaviour and called the admin that he called first a homophobic a child molester.







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