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Increase Combat log length


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Server: US Scourge 

In game name: Cuddybuddy and Vet

First and foremost I do not care about the loot, I am solely posting to encourage a change. 

Hello there, this afternoon my teammate and I were downing a helicopter (and it downing us), we could see other players engaging the helo as well. My teammate and I died four to five times to the rockets and Machine gun fire. The Helo killed me at our base. I revived  where the rocket destroyed the foundation, stuck in the crater between foundations, I destroy one. Naturally, after the helo goes down we scramble to the crash site where we meet the other players previously mentioned. This is where things got interesting. Apparently my teammate and I did not have a right to loot the downed helo. Admins started talking about server rules, which I agree with and abide by.  An admin had me message him my combat log, after instructions given by the admin I was able to upload my log. Unfortunately the combat log only shows where I was shooting part of the foundation in order to destroy it and get unstuck.

TLDR: Increase combat log to 50-100 instances, the default (30) is far too few instances to do a proper investigation.


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