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Ban: US Pure veganwingz

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Offender:     (steam) (BattleMetrics)
Server: US Pure
Time: 11:35PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding, looting, disregarding admins.
Additional Info: While following the player, they died and their corpse went under the map. I retrieved their items and when I went to return them, they were inside a base which they jumped onto a roof and in. Upon telling them the rules and that we were a no raid/no loot server and asking them to return the items, they continued to loot and ignored myself and Frenchy. They then logged at which point Frenchy and I returned the items to the owner and removed his body from the house.

They relogged and before we could confront them they ran into a base that we learned they had raided earlier. Again, they were obstinant and started shooting me while refusing to talk. Joking how they were enjoying this and refusing to discuss the raiding and rules. Including the fact that they built in the road.

At that point the decision was made to move forward with a ban.







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